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Week of Oct 6, 2017

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry for being late this week. I am going to be writing a little bit differently this week and shorter.

Themes of communication in relationships (romantic or not) continue. With intense pressure to transform peaking on Sunday. Old Habits and patterns may emerge to get your attention. Time to get reorganize and change what is not working. If you pay attention and reflect there is opportunity for growth and revelations.

The energy shifts on Tuesday. With a new focus on intimacy, death, sex, secrets, magic, power, and basically anything taboo. It is time to go deep which can be very uncomfortable for many. Facing our shadows is not easy but if we don not then they subconsciously can take over. It is a good time to curl up with some Carl Jung and do some detective work in your own personal psychology. It is time look at the part of ourselves we are afraid to look and do some transformational work. For if we utilize the energy to for transformation then we can help to heal ourselves.

Midweek if your feeling low energy make sure to take some time for self care. Eat some good healthy food and take time to get cozy. With the change of seasons it is time to go in and spend some quality time with yourself. Drinking tea and catching up on some reading is a nice way to spend the evenings.

Friday may start with a big blow out will be much more playful as the weekend goes on! A good time to get creative and to have some fun.

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